A Mother's Interlude

I’d like to speak a word to the mother’s in the audience

brother’s take a pause and sit, time that we honor miss

you sacrifice so much, your body for 9 months

the time comes and I’m just speechless a rhyme does

not capture my entire sentiments towards you

I am amazed at the grace that has poured through

the start of your motherhood, for this I implore you

to store truth in your heart, embracing the Lord’s view

motherhood’s a call, you don’t settle for less

I’m being honest, it is awesome, you will enter His rest

if you carry on faithfully, the task of discipleship

your life will get an eternal crown for your righteousness

temptation is there to belittle the little things

the spittle clings to kiddies who are spilling the jelly beans

and smelly stinks are not as glamorous as thin waistlines

gyrating, my gracious, round to them bass lines

but wisdom is vindicated by her children

the foolish woman pulls down her own building

when you're 85 years old surrounded by great grans

you’ll laugh at the days you were fazed by them fake tramps

so make plans to guide generations of Christians

and pass down the faith by your reverent living

attended with kissing and prayers at bedtime

have you said yours? yes, I have said mine

the kingdom of God is epitomized by kids

so guard your heart from minimizing this

so often no one takes note of your labor

take joy in that suffering, so did your Savior

the patience that you display bestows some grace

and though it doesn’t happen today, they’ll grow in faith

through long days of homeschooling, nursing and kitchen pots

love making, grocery shopping, laundry, when does it stop?

Through you Christ’s death is daily proclaimed

To your children, so they can place faith in His name

Don’t grow weary in doing good, it lasts for a season

You will conquer the world through this path of believing