I’m a Christian husband and father, before any hip hop comes into play. I was born a 1st generation American to Cuban and Venezuelan immigrants in Miami, FL, grew up in Tampa, FL (what’s good 813?) along with my 3 brothers and came to faith in Christ as Lord at a young age. I was home schooled and involved in the life of the church throughout my youth. I heard "You Can’t Touch This" by MC Hammer in 1990 at a skating rink birthday party and was amazed that there was an entire genre of music that consisted, primarily, of rhyming. I’ve been enchanted ever since.

After high school and a few years of floundering while at school in Philadelphia I was introduced to the doctrines of grace and the Lord became more glorious than ever to me. Ten years, a wife and 4 children later, I’ve returned to the mic with a new passion to see generational faithfulness to the Lord in each and every Christian home.

I was a former regular at First Friday Fundamentals, a monthly, live, Christian hip hop event, along with Timothy Brindle and shai linne. Some of my musical influences include the Wu Tang Clan, Outkast, Rakim, Canibus, Big Pun, Nas, shai, Tim Brindle and Stephen the Levite. I’m hopeful that lyrical excellence and intricacy alongside Scriptural relevance return to hip hop.