Bone of Very Bone (featuring Timothy Brindle)


Flesh of very flesh, bone of very bone

Creator in the womb, he has left heaven’s home

God of very God in the form of a human

Must be God Himself lest the Father’s wrath consume Him

Verse (Benjamin the Esquire)

God comes to us, starts as a zygote

Not exactly a plan inspiring high hopes

The holy breeze conceived the holy seed

the virgin mary conceived by the holy breeze

his holy steez was to fertilize the ovaries

Hova breathes in the womb a miracle performed

empirical superceded by the imperial will of the

Lord who was willing to, chill in the

middle of the placenta and enter our storm

His incarnation truly does reveal to us

he took our nature on him as a real human.

No room to view him as a product of pedigree

Instead it’s he who deaded the petty preference and let it be

known he’s a carpenter. No throne or an army bruh.

His home’s an occupied zone of Roman officers.

Though he molded every bone, stone, stars and dust

he chose to be a part of the globe so he could pardon us.

Verse 2 (Benjamin the Esquire)

Hunger, loneliness, pain and suffering

He identifies with the frames of dusty men

came, will come again to claim His trusting friends

but first He took a body that His veins were busted in

the Holy Lord who has no physical form

as an infant was born and wore the skin of us whores

razor thin thorns tore both His temples with force

consider His palms split by idiot pawns

equipped with them jawns whose tips would rip when they’re on

a real man’s flesh, and not just a figment of God

and this don’t address His emotional state

though He’s potent in grace and saves the slow and depraved

yo, I know would hate to be poked in the face

and made an object of scorn by those He’d create

He who opened the grave, possesses both the estates

the God-man, is Jehovah showing his face

He was tempted in every single way that a man is

managed to love his neighbors and mind manners

subjected Himself to His law of high standards

gave kind answers to ignorant bystanders

dealt with us pagans, and felt the frustration

of our fickle ways though it never once changed Him

the Son of God took a body, shared our weakness

we can go to the throne in the care of Jesus

Verse 3 (Timothy Brindle)

What an awesome concept at hand

Why does our mediator have to be God yet a man?

Peep it y’all, the judge he is God

So he rightly requires man keep his law

And only man can die for another man’s sin

so find a perfect man to pay your ransom.

And what mere human can represent us

before God when our works are at best horrendous?

and wretched scary. It was necessary

that God become man cos sin’s hereditary

So the second Adam, the true Israel

the incarnate God with a human, sinless soul

was born to obey in the wilderness

be slain for our guilty sin, blood graciously spilled for this

Lived, died and raised on behalf of his kinsmen

The Davidic king with everlasting dominion

But only God can keep his law without blame

And only God endure the slaughter and pain

of the infinite wrath of God with its strength

And only God die just to conquer the grave

The judge’s rod is only pleased with the infinitely valuable blood of God

Yo this quote is dope

The God man connects man to God because he is both...cannon!