Christ Exalted (featuring Monielle)

Verse 1

The sting of death’s been felt from Adam to Noah to Abram

and Moses to David we know that their bones are decaying

we’re all approaching that moment but we don’t know what the date is

from cats who are openly hating to those who are hoping and praying

that Lord Jehovah will save them. He became much lower than angels

though he spoke them, oceans and acres gave skills to the poets and painters

He was killed by jokers and fakers who broke their oaths with their maker

He was clothed in the robes of the grave and it was closed but He opened it straight up

No death could not hold him down, no sting, we can properly shout, that our king

Is on top of the mount, with a ring, and He’s rocking that crown, that’s real bling

He ascended to a throne as the owner of all He made before

but he did it as a man so all of us humans can praise the Lord

more than climbing a social ladder, or riding the coats of daddy

he arrived in a potent manner, to the cries of that old hosanna

got the seraphim, right there with Him, and they’re singing multi-varied hymns

Use a pair of limbs, to cover up their eyes, so they don’t stare at His

Father who gave Him the whole cosmos as His inheritance

He is cherishing His lambs as his own fam with no embarrasment

and his charis is apparent from Paris to the Americas

and I’m sharing that he’s caring for his heirs cause he’s preparing a

home for us, he rose from the dust, and he opened up a road for us

who hope and trust, he broke the cold of winter’s hold and the frozen clutch

the spring of the Son is dawning, light is shining now and life is altered

this is the power of God cos we see Christ exalted

Hook (Monielle)

See him high and mighty ruling from heaven above

Slays the dragon while he prays for the saints that he loves

He was made lower than angels, he’s the prince of God’s peace

When he returns all of his foes will be under his feet

Verse 2

The Son of God humbled himself, the Son of Man’s enthroned high

He died and rose up from the grave, ascended through His own sky

He is living and reigning, in heaven He was given a name that’s

above all dominions, we’re not his minions, but we’ll be singing his praise

the one who was judged is the arbiter, he’s holding the gavel now

we should back on down with the acting proud, one day he is coming and he’ll crack the clouds

the immaculate master who is after the passions of rappers and pastors,

baptists and catholics, dads and their bad kids, will all get practice

in bowing to the ground while the cowards in the crowd will cower cos the crown

is a power that abounds to the meek and lowly, see him holy, lifted up, let’s seek him only

the Lord of glory’s matchless, performing warrior tactics

He bodied death, His corpse didn’t even get scorched into ashes

or absorbed into patches of dirt, the Lord, He has fashioned a work

before, no one matched it for sure, recorded so cats don’t ignore

declared the Son of God and vindicated by his blameless life

through his pain and strife he claimed a wife and freed us from our chains and stripes

the lamb was slain, the lion raised, in Zion now for timeless days

He’ll returns in glory when everyone’s jaw is dropped and eye amazed

when skies are blazed with angels whose main aim is to ascribe him praise

the Messiah’s place is higher than any tyrant’s entire state

no power’s stronger, Mao or Jong Il, dying while they violate

conspire and hate, they try to pry his chains, get thrown in the fire lake

all I can say is I can’t wait for the time when we see his shining face

when Christ returns as judge and shows the world all of his Might and Grace