Verse 1

Let me ask you, you ever been the butt of a joke?

Or had a massive flaw exposed, like you stutter and choke

sputter misquote, shame of being a single mother that’s broke

if they only saw the guilt you’re hiding under your cloak

you can tell me, have you ever heard this number before?

"we don’t think you’re talented but yo, your brother is dope"

you been rejected by your peers and considered a bit odd?

ineffective for some years at a pitiful pit spot

a middling middleman with riddles in little hands

they filling with quicker sand no skills for bigger plans

no dynasty, no kingdom not even a blueprint

got reasonable doubts bout the lifetime that you spent

on this floating orb not really sure about what you’re hoping for

oceans roar, you’re sinking, these open sores have been stinking

Jehovah’s closing doors, your emotions are close to floors

the only solace for your soul is from quoting from more of Job (I'm so)


Humiliated, I’ve never been brought down so low

Nothing to cover my shame, got my flaws exposed

Feeling abandoned, I am stranded and all alone

My only comfort is in crying to God who knows

Verse 2

It’s so humiliating! Treated like your less than a man

It’s so humiliating! Beaten, no success in your plans

It’s so humiliating! People always question your stance

It’s so humiliating! Unemployed and stressing your fam

I’m building towers that my power cannot stop from crumbling

with every hour getting sour, devoured by toxic grumbling

it’s humbling to see the signs of physical decline

when your best days are behind you, stop the tape and then rewind too

all the times that will remind you of your prime, and how this life flew

steady grabbing whirlwinds and the gusts are slipping right through

what is a man that you would ponder his characteristics?

spawned in the pattern of misfits, gone in a matter of minutes

longing for the honor of songs and hosannas we’re wrong

and we’ve gotta problem no longer calling on God our abba

at the cross it cost a lot to adopt us as sons and daughters

but he dropped down to a pauper and brought us to God his father (He was)

Verse 3

He was humiliated! Treated like he’s less than a man

He was humiliated! Beaten then they stretch out his hands

He was humiliated! Pharisees would question his stance

He was humiliated! at first, he’s not accepted by fam

He built the earth and with his words he prevents it from crumbling

with every minute he spins it, we see the rising of the sun again

it’s humbling, that we’ll see Christ with physical eyes

through the rest of all time he’ll stay dressed up as our kind

because he willingly put a limit on using all his attributes

it made him glad to do it though he was stabbed in the back by Judas

then attacked by rulers smashed by the wrath of his Dad for losers

cannot fathom this drastic chasm between the second Adam and Adonai

had him sad in the garden, he battled so agonized

had it been I, I’d be added to scattering guys

the creator let haters to take up his life

but for his lowest moment forever we’re praising the Christ