Lyrical Catechism

Verse 1

So why hip hop and the catechism?

cos this rappin’ isn’t cash an’ women or the fashion linens

with a passion I’ll be smashing tracks stacking facts and wisdom

for the cats who have a passion for the path my Dad has given this

data in a manner that is written eat this manna that you’re gettin’

if you managed a hosanna while I’m spitting

then you’ve been catechized by the boom bap

(yes) the truth of Adonai, it’s very wise to pursue that

the method of my teaching is the raw rugged

helping the pilgrim make some progress like I’m John Bunyan

unlike that small Drummond rap issues a tall summons

so I’m blunt with the Scripts so y’all are not hunting

that’s what we call fronting, candy coating the plain truth

these radio dials are always playing the same groups

we’re not just flame proof, that’d be setting a low bar

I’m sounding the alarm like I’m blowing a shofar


Lyrical catechism, drums and doctrine

Biblical truth, then the drums will drop in

Memorization meets an MPC

and John Calvin bobs his head to this mp3


Martin Luther, John Knox and others

Owens, Spurgeon, arms locked with brothers

Hip hop’s a catechism teaching the youth

So I took the lowly thing and started preaching the truth

Verse 2

I’ve seen some 5 year olds that's poppin to Luda and 50 yo

their only schools are the videos, ruler is moolah, get ridiculed

for choosing unusual views not fueled by manure and fools

maneuver through sewers heard in the music and you tubing groups

committing their writtens to memory

until Christians are dismissing their own convictions and will listen to heresy

but we cherish these very things that were authored by the paraclete

and bury them very deep via methods that prepare the sheep

the youth decaying, the music’s looping producing

some clueless students who choose a stoop of pavement to recoup a payment,

debate a crew bout who’s the greatest at infusing the union

of ruthless music with their human debasement

but the same exact tool when in the hands of a changed fool

explains to ’em truth of Yeshua who truly reigns through 'em

we need discipleship, the faith don’t come with hand stamps

even if your album gets downloaded on bandcamp

Verse 3

I love this hip hop, cos it’s the perfect medium

for teaching in the blocks and the spots that’s deep in sin

what other music gets aggressive like this

not for impressing your kids but steady repping his biz

I got no weapons or clips, I’m teaching lessons with lips

and though it’s shredded to bits and it steadily gets ripped

by Christian critics who don’t hear the heavenly shift

We flip an old style, take a sample of Mozart

and make some dope art that's relaying Jehov’s heart

and so far, no other genre goes hard.

This can blow apart some cultural Bonapartes.

So world music scene consider this your waterloo.

I’m on a crew, whose got a view to spit a lot of truth

to grown men and their daughters too.

Hip hop, the music of the proletariat,

glorifying Christ till the day He buries it


This is hip hop, dee jays and emcees too

This is hip hop, graffiti and your break dance crew

This is hip hop, bring the elements around

This is hip hop redeemed, come to break new ground


This is hip hop, scratching on the ones and twos

This is hip hop, rapping on what Christ can do

This is hip hop, cardboard and spray cans shaking

This is hip hop redeemed by the Lord’s salvation