Prophet, Priest and King

Timothy Brindle

A prophet is a covenant lawyer

He pleads with the people, "Repent before God comes to destroy ya"

But he also pleads with our covenant God

To recall His promise and not punish His flock.

We see this in Jesus who’s greater than Moses.

The will of God for our salvation He shows us.

He involves God’s cosmic story.

He came to explain the name; the Father’s glory.

Cos as the Word He is Yahweh’s message.

but He does more than declare the Father’s blessing.

The God in flesh is the embodiment of His covenant love: awesome hessed.

Old Testament prophets were often screaming:

"Thus says the Lord", the Law they’re teaching.

But when Christ the Prophet’s preaching

No thus says the Lord cos God is speaking.

The Prophet bring God’s truth to His people

men are ignorant, in pursuit of their evil


The priest sheds the blood of the sacrifice

men are guilty, hopeless in the after life


When the king rules justly, peace abounds

but men won’t submit cos they seek his crown


All need a prophet, a priest and king

cos we're ignorant, guilty and deceitful beings


The prophet’s been exposing our need for God’s forgiveness

the Torah has convinced us there is no man that’s sinless

the Lord’s in His court and He’s abhorring the stench sends

a priest to intercede through some bleeding repentance

he’s bearing all the people on the front of the ephod

but keep calm cos in the holy place is where he meets God

every single year on the day of atonement

if there’s no shedding blood, then there’s no shalom kid

the final high priest offers himself one time

it’s done right, there’s no need to offer the Son twice

He incarnately has represented God to man

but didn’t flaunt it, when He entered in and walked the land

so now He’s honored up in heaven as the spotless Lamb

because He wanted, His bride, though it cost him fam

Christ is interceding, may His will be done

as we're submitting to our new King until He comes

shai linne

It’s the only through the work of the greater high priest

That with the king sinners are able to find peace.

Let’s talk about this king and His righteous reign

how His rule is expressed in a wide domain.

Protecting His people, conquers the enemy.

To rebels He’s lethal; monstrous penalties.

Plainly stated; misbehaviors hate it, they're jaded.

The faithful elated; amazed with the greater David.

It’s prophesied in the text Messiah wouldn’t come to flex

but instead would die for His subjects.

Raised from the dead since He left from the earth.

Now the kingship of Christ is expressed through the church.

But don’t get it twisted, though the kingdom is slept upon

Invisible but at the eschaton it is physical.

When Christ comes with His strong heavenly crew

We’ll see the fulfillment of Psalm 72.

The Prophet bring God's truth to His people

Christ is the final word, none is equal


The Priest sheds the blood of the sacrifice

Christ died for his bride, cos he loves his wife


The king rules justly, peace abounds

Christ makes us willing to seek his crown


The prophet, the priest and the king unite

In the gospel of Jesus who is the Christ