Sin and Misery (feat Evangel and Zae Da Blacksmith)

The God of men condescends, makes a bond with Adam

before the pompous adder had a plan to conquer madam

before the bondage had ’em conjure in his conscious atoms

that a man who is the ish and has gotta lotta cabbage

can start a barrage against the God whose in charge

who put a spark in the dark instead of playing his part with gladness

He stooped to make a pact, that’s a hugely gracious act

continue in every venue Adam views the face of Dad

amazing that they walked around the garden like a racing track

lakes and paths, snakes and grass, fruits and veggies, make a snack

Adam was no bama but he still managed the Razorbacks

laid him flat, take a rib, a maiden with a greater rack

make your lady laugh, Adam, Eve, naked take a bath

make it last, eat the fruit and then you face the wrath

the oath that was made by Lord Jehovah that day

was such a potent display of how he shows us his grace

he makes his covenants with men, that we should know and obey

he states his governance but then we have chosen to stray

the relationship required of Adam to show some faithfulness

by placing it in the same maker who had created him

the race of men is represented in Adam’s behavior and

he came and went, no blame to vent, we still doing the same offense

our flagrant lips are hating this creator whose amazing with

a gracious gift to put us in the headship of his saving kid

14-16 questions to make sense of it

What is sin, its origin and the extent of it?

In the quickest sense, breaking God’s law#&8217s;s not at all insignificant

Not even the sins of ignorance.

No criminal, subliminal, clever schemes

Read Leviticus 5 and James 4, both verse 17.

Each slide from the mark is the fall.


Go back to the beginning of the Word like it’s said as a prefix

Remember the enmity seen in Genesis 3:6.

Here’s a pun for fun, at the root of it

the tree, evicted for eating forbidden fruit of it.

Adamantly Adam and Eve, a pattern they leave

In hip hop vernacular proverbial apple we truly bit

Through one man sin entered in and death by sin

It’s called the fall of man, we dropped the ball with no Heisman

Romans 5 friend it didn’t end with us perishing.

This saga our forefather left as an inheritance.

We became ruined. Whoever keeps the whole but misses one point is guilty, James 2:10

This squad that was hostile. Or read 1 Corinthians 15:22 and thank God for the gospel.

As a prize we’ll later rise, cos in Adam all die but in Christ we’re made alive.

I bet you couldn’t imagine or fathom a greater consequence cos you won’t find

One that stands compared to the falling of all of mankind.

So what is it that happened when Adam and Eve decided

to eat from the garden’s tree of knowledge of good and evil?

If you’ve respected the facts then naturally you’ll agree

This is Genesis 3, we’re steeped in sin and this thing is lethal.

From the pain proceeding out of the birthing the fetus

to the strangest need to compete for the home’s leadership.

Like the wife struggling with wanting to be the leader

the husband is bugging, roughing her up and often would beat her.

That’s probably how he’s dealing with all of his hard feelings

from working the dirt with sweat on his shirt to feed all his children.

But, what you expect? The laws of cause and effect was in effect

when the Law was crossed and it caused us death.

Now all of us are indebted under the federal heading

that Adam was letting settle into the garden of Eden.

Which means that we’ve been embedded with sin, it’s dwelling within

every one of the known components composing women and men. Amen.

And so we sin and the wages of sin is death.

And the grave is displayed, expressed in the miseries of the flesh.

But I guess all of that would be fresh in comparison

to the lake of fire inside of which you're spirit will perish in

Yet it’ll take fornever until the debt will be settled.

by paying with pain along with devil in hell forever.