Standing Tall on Their Shoulders

Verse 1

Let me introduce a topic and recover forgotten facts

that lots of cats have passed on while they’re loving the hottest fads

and it’s a shame cos I can name old heads with ancient wisdom

patient living, grace, forgiveness, things that make a grateful witness

they confessed what they believed and wrote it in Q & A form

addressing brothers who received the only true and great Lord

it’s called a catechism, it’s a useful teaching method

not just for catholic bishops, but for you to seek the heavens

It was written so you wouldn’t walk away like a ball four

or commit some doctrinal fouls up on your ball court

the spitting witnesses that I summoned and called forth

include the lamp mates shai and Tim Brindle, lyrical stalwarts

Evangel and Zae Da Black will slay the track I pray in fact

you play it back and get liver than you’d expect, you can test

the catechism’s true intent is pure and truly blessed

welcome to the album, put your feet up, cos you my guest


We need to go back

We should recover some habits of old

from brothers who passed on this road.

We need to go back

Standing tall on their shoulders,

We honor the ones that are older.

We need to go back

We’re from a proud heritage

that’s larger than where we live.

We need to go back

We’ve got fathers in the faith

we acknowledge them in this race.

Verse 2

Let me the address the who, the when the what the where

and get it out in the air all up in the public square

Here’s the Who: there was a group of theologians and pastors

who seeking after reaching the masses while teaching with Jesus’ passion

When: in the 1640s they congregated

and contemplated topics that are oft debated / they forming a doctrine statement

they called that document the Westminster Confession of faith

split into questions of lessons addressing your fate

guess that was the what the Where’s the island of Great Britain

the truth has traveled great distance in helping your faith and mission

before I move on let me neutralize a nuke bomb

if there’s a dude that strong from Deuteronomy or Luke one

he’s not lukewarm, I don't care about his human suit y’all

could be white like a cue ball or dark as night and a Q-dog

there’s no excuse to choose to refuse him or boo him

if he’s schooling you in the use of your tools for the ruler Yeshua

Verse 3

Have you ever struggled summarizing what is a Christian thinks?

Catechism does it well and tosses in the kitchen sink.

The format of this teaching tool is great for family worship time

cos passing on a legacy of strong faith is worth it, right?

Let’s not be arrogant, ignoring the glories we have inherited

Let’s cherish this incomparable heritage

from African Bishops whose passion is actively with us

to pastors with wisdom that’s catching flack in a prison

we have a past that is packed to capacity, so criticism

of these facts is a tragedy, that is lacking in vision

the audacity to laugh at the past, thinking it’s old school

is actually a habit that’s whack don't be so bold fool

I hear my kids say "daddy, I’m glad I’m a Christian"

attracting their vision instead of always battling with them

I pass on convictions that they will then engraft in their mission

and that’s the facts of why I’m actually rapping bout catechism