The Chief End

Verse 1

What’s the main goal, the chief end, the prime directive?

This type of question, I’m confessing, calls for life inspection.

It’s not my mic inflection or my wife’s acceptance

not right intentions while disproving views of 5 per centers

but keeping Christ the center of my joy and life dependence

I’m hype that Christ ascended, sounding like a Piper sentence

rebound and hyper extend it, we taste and glorify

we’ve found a priceless treasure, he laid his glory by

we let the story fly when more of Him pours in our lives

adoring a portion of Christ, the floor is so more than alright

exploring the Torah at night, imploring for more of your sight

want you to soar as the chorus and score of my life

You hold pleasure in your right hand

You invite man to enter your light and take a right stance

this proposition of purpose is so ratified:

God receives the glory when in Him we're most satisfied.


(scratches) The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy him forever

Verse 2

There is none like Lord God reigning forevermore

His reservoir of love is a treasure store for every bol

peoples of the earth come bow at his feet

not as cowards who creep but each empowered to seek

the full glory of the Lord and find a flower that’s sweet

He’s the source of all delight that earthly pleasure derives from

embodied in the Christ, He said "I’m pleased He is my Son"

so why come so many in the church are so high strung?

the faith is not a joy then the source is a lying tongue

let’s model vibrancy at home, at work and play

have communities that will search for a church and stay

when purpose is displayed to persons hurt and dismayed

they can see the Lord’s reflection may convert and then say

that He’s deserving of praise for working perfect in ways

He’s my delight now, changed my taste buds

pass me the basket of immaculate grace cous(in)

Verse 3

Only you have the words of life in your mouth

I spend my nights in the South, inquiring why I’m allowed

to see another day cuz in my heart these idols abound

Sometimes I’m fightin’ my doubt, express it, typin’ it out

but you made me for your purpose, please quiet me down

and may my life be just a note in heaven’s choir that’s loud

In yourself is the fullness of life

why choose the Twilight novellas over the Pulitzer types

the pull of the hype is like some wool over eyes

and we some gullible guys who like to pull up and "hiiiii"

turned some Oliver types to sons and daughters of Christ

we have tasted of your goodness, drinking waters of life

The reason that you shaped sand and made man

to maximize the joy of the trinitarian break dance

let’s live the purpose that our good God made us for:

Seeking pleasure in Him by this we praise the Lord