The Esquire

Verse 1

I go by Benjamin but you could refer to me as the esquire

took a break from rapping, disappeared like the cheshire

had to understand "Thy will be done, not mine", yes sire

praying in the test fire that my ways for the Messiah

will be withstanding the heat of his gaze, a man that’t in need of his grace

his banner’t what we will display, I plan on completing this race

if damaged by slanderous banter, famished or feeding my faith

the Lord is my standard and anthem, planted with feet in one place

born with this yearning for informally forming sermons

and warning insurgents, turn from your normal order and urges

encourage the church to worship, get nourished while reading the scripts

be bereans that want to please Him with reason, bringing our gifts

it’t for freedom we were freed, not believing deceiving myths

no! my creed is in receiving Jesus' teaching and bliss

yo, You’ll only go as high as you aspire to be

That maybe comfort for you but it’t esquire to me


So we Grow, show, prove, move past all these trends and these fads

Please do not mention your swag, it got me offended like dag


Esquire, sets higher goals than slums of the art

I’m praying for someone this sparks a flame that will burn in their hearts

Verse 2

hip hop is middle aged, i guess it’s going through a crisis

back then I’m forming some cyphers performing for the excitement

sorta despising the corporatizing before the enticement

of fortunes, shorties and diamonds, we read the source for the mics and

imploring a score of young guys to be ignoring the limelight

and order our lives by these more important morals and guidelines

in the midst of that pursuit the truth exposes my vanity

though I chose the flows and samples over clothes and the damsels, b?

That don’t mean I know Jehovah just a shows of poets and anarchy

and this slowly lowered hopes of being the dopest but thankfully

I've been showed the Romans road, I know it sobered and anchored me

now I roll with only those who throw out roses and handkerchiefs

the love and peace are smothering the thumping from the drummer’s beat

I live abundantly giving flavor to how I’m functioning

You’ll only go as high as you aspire to be

That may be rapper to you, but it’s esquire to me

Verse 3

I’m just a humble servant, husband, father and an average cat

master my rapping craft till my master’s grabbing it back

so no talking of trapping and gats or popping a cat that is whack

no chopping for the guap, my hip hop is not after that (nope)

I am not that Southern crunk cat that is trying to get you hyped up

nah, I spit that iron lung rap that’s been blessed by the Christ’s love

Radio and relevance are tails that follow the head

the sales always pale if we fail and borrow from trends

what do we gain by getting props from the secular?

if they recognize the skill but not the God of the messenger

don’t stop properly repping the cross in all of your sessions

whether you're charting or getting a start keep all of these lessons at heart

the Spirit doesn’t need your fan base steadily growing

you don’t know where he will be blowing, just be ready n' sewing

You’ll only go as high as you aspire to be

That may be topping charts for you, but it’s esquire to me