The Final Word (featuring Timothy Brindle)


The Law, the Prophets, the Gospels, the Psalmist

All of the epistles that the apostle Paul spit

One book split up into 66 divisions

Not by the bread but by Your Word we're living

The history, the wisdom, apocalypse and Kituvim

Human authorship, inspiration you do give to them

One book, one author, one body, one head

The Holy Spirit breathed the Word and by the Word we are led

Verse 1 (Benjamin the Esquire)

In question 2 we view the only means that God has appointed for

directing how we try to glorify and enjoy The lord

the Bible, both testaments, the Old and the New

are true and excellent at showing all His holiest views.

so trusting some of the books without believing in the others

is like the pb from Skippy without the jelly from Smuckers.

don't tell me the Old Testament today is not applicable

for us Christians to get into, don't ginsu, there are some hidden jewels

through ridicule that Christ received from arrogant Pharisees

we see he cherished the scriptures when he's rebutting all their heresies

from Genesis, his nemesis was testing bout marriage decrees

but had to retreat, b/c that they hadn't believed

the word of God about the pattern set by Adam and Eve

many with flattering speech come try to scatter the sheep

by adding data to the matter God so gladly decreed

now that's a hazardous breach, leads to disaster and grief

the prophet Isaiah gives us instructions where to look

compare what's getting shared to what is there in the book

Jesus said if you ain't hearing all the law and the prophets

and then along came your mama who has so long been a goner

you woldn't believe her either, if it's Christmas or Easter

(man) the Scriptures are sufficient as a witness and teacher

the signs and wonders did confirm the written word is reliable

for guiding our joy in glorifying the mighty Lord


Verse 2 (Timothy Brindle)

Yes indeed, in written sacred speech

It’s question 3: what do the Scriptures plainly teach?

So no guessing or mistaking, like secularists debating

God’s revealed himself through special revelation. (mm hm)

It’s known as the Bible

So you can’t make God how you want. No, that’s an idol.

So what is God like? What’s the point of all life?

Can I make my own rules? Nah, dog, his law’s right.

Cos in the Scriptures, the canon of holy writ

God reveals to us his standard of holiness.

In his 10 commandments of older it

to obey him, yo, he ransomed souls for this.

His law calls us to hold fast and cleave

to God in awe of awesome majesty

to love him with all our faculties.

Anything else is known as blasphemy.

So we’re not left in the dark like secularists are

God’s word even shows the depths of our hearts.

How they’re wretched and hard.

But he don’t leave us there, though he’d be fair

He shows us Jesus (chea)

So what does God primarily require

of us? but to trust and cherish the Messiah

We’re blessed cos we’re getting his perfection.

When our faith’s in his death and resurrection.

Luke 24:44b

All the Scriptures point to Christ the Lord of glory

Their subject is Christ it’s obvious

They equip us in all things for life and godliness

His word shows what we were made for

Observe, know just what we’re saved for

His word show us how to change more

But first yo, trust in the savior