What is God (featuring Evangel)

Verse 1 (Benjamin the Esquire)

It’s question 4, let’s explore the core of God’s essence

further more, what’s in store for us in God’s presence?

off the top he’s a spirit, immaterial being

unsupported by a corpus or material things

He don’t diminish in his attributes with passage of time

there is no limit to his magnitude, no grasping his mind

his actions are wise, he fashioned math in back of his mind

with all the fractions keeping track of all his paths and designs

He’s got total self awareness with no hidden potential

His throne can’t be compared to anything in a temple

He is separate and distinct yes, the message that we bring

is of his excellence and being so just accept him as your king

We can trust this judge’s scales, his justice has never failed

we are busted for our corruption no adjustment to our bail

truth and goodness never change, independent of the circumstances

peep his perfect purpose standing till he lowers curtains cannon


What is God? A spirit with no shape

Superior to superheroes, flying with no cape

Is there more than one God, nope he’s solo

Life within himself he doesn’t sweat about yolo

There’s only one sheriff in town at high noon

Expressed in three persons, his nature is triune

Verse 2 (Evangel)


Verse 3 (Benjamin the Esquire)

One God in three persons, you’ve heard many a rhyme

as many have chimed some incredibly memorable lines

and Ben is inclined to chill and pass the pen up this time

cos others have covered the subject and they said it just fine

the sheer magnitude of writtens on this singular topic

isn’t a problem cos our God cannot be exhausted

He is the one and the many, He's both united and diverse

and he’s applied it to the world, divided guys up from the girls

from the lights that’s He’s provided that will shine in the night

to types of people that are equally inclined to be right

all of created order is informed by the Lord of the Torah

though every quarter is sorta distorted, we see the aura

He is one in His essence, though He’s diverse in expression

three perfect persons whose purpose can be observed in the heavens

the church does worship in reverence, one body, many in members we’re blessed

Forever treasured we’ll go to heaven to enter His pleasure and rest