When They Rise

Verse 1

I’m taking my cues from Deuteronomy’s truth

we gotta be honoring God as king in all the we do

because his sovereignty’s huge, and here’s what bothers me dude

so many papa’s don’t view their kids as pottery too

we need to properly school them in a lot of these truths men

so at the harvest time they’ll grow a crop of some fruit blends

Galatian type, made by the Spirit showing the face of Christ

growing faith at night, and open to hope and patience

while Jehovah’s changing saints into a wife that’s an amazing sight

rocking blazing white while walking to take her place by Christ

our little children are part of this great assembly fam

and every jot and tittle will get ’em to taste and praise the Lamb

so drop the riddles, give it straight without the the tracer and

embrace your place in communicating all of His gracious plan

let’s make them Stans of the great I am who shaped the land

and take a stand to never take ’em for granted, now raise your hands


When they rise and they sleep, with our lives and our speech,

let’s provide them the meat and just teach them the word

When we sit and we walk, up in the crib or the mall,

best be hitting ’em off, we gotta teach them the word

It’s binding our hands, God’s guidance of plans

it’s provided for fams, so just teach them the word

It’s changing our sight, making plain what is right

Both in the day and the night, we gotta teach them the word

Verse 2

I walked into my dude’s crib his doctrine had loosened

used to talk about the movement, now he’s squawking it’s useless

he’s popping off with loose lips, his crop of youth

is used to dropping topics like the hottest toxins and their proper usage

no man has planned to abandon the faith of childhood

if it not for grace and patience from God, I could

the Lord’s provided the surest guidance, His Torah’s wisest

get more inside us, abhor the horror of culture whoring

and finding boring the soaring glory of the Lord’s sublimeness

his story’s timeless the moral: we need more than a heimlich

back to the cat who turned away from the ancient faith

Above his mantle’s a sample of how the trust can fade away

His grandpa’s gripping his Scriptures and quizzing some little kids

His daddy’s listening, the next picture who is it? him again

He’s older now, the Bible’s shut, a table centerpiece

and then I see my friend’s photo doing yoga for inner peace

Verse 3

Deuteronomy 6, keep the law in your heart son

train them in this way and that’s the path they won’t depart from

spark some conversation and embark in contemplation

of how often God is patient, of His awesome sovereign nature

we’re in such a sorry state repetition’s more than needed

bored with reading? That’s a reason we are needing more than Jesus

Talk about it, memorize it, walk it out and then apply it

when you’re lying in quiet or your mind is trying to be defiant

quick to lose our zeal, forgetting all His precepts

don’t reject notions of posting quotes and promoting

devotions to those in homes so they won’t ever tend to neglect

reading these texts, respect it and be blessed

my whole goal in writing was to influence you

to view pursuing truth as a beauty you would endure to

pass to your kids as you pastor your kids

and I pray that you enjoyed all of the rapping I did